Address: Rua del sacco, Cocullo

Hours: Private property


The historic building, built on a gently sloping road, has a plastered facade with a plinth, on which the stone features of the building stand. These consist of the simple architraved frames of windows and balconies - on three levels - and the principal entrance. The latter, rectangular in shape, frames a rounded arch on piers, sorrounded by a dual-carved frame and resting on a threshold which compensates for the unevenness of the road surface.
The openings follow a symmetrical arrangement, but are non-homogeneous in size and shape. The main axis is defined by door-balcony system next to which is a tile window on the ground floor and a rectangular window on the main floor.   The upper level has two short balconies.

Historical Notes

Casa Squarcia is a stately 18th-century residence, which was the subject of a recent major restructuring.