Church of the Intercession

Address: Via del Suffragio, 3

The present day church is probably the result of a reconstruction of a previous structure after the 1706 earthquake.

The rectangular facade with crowning tympanum has a central oculus and a small bell tower, with massive square corner cantonal stones. The portal is decorated with high baroque swirls. The two skulls in bas relief on the lintel serve as a reminder of the function of the building as a place where people would go to pray for the the Holy Souls in Purgatory. A rectangular window above the doorway is decorated with a Baroque pediment and a central shell motif.
The interior has a single nave covered by a rectangular barrel vault with lunettes embellished with panels in gilded stucco frames forming a mixtilinear profile. The main altar is made of polychrome marble and has above it a niche which a statue of the Madonna. On the counter-facade there is a stone choir decorated with gilded stucco and supported by two slender Tuscan columns with a marble-effect finish. A portal with a skull motif above it - located to the right of the altar - leads to the small vestry that has independent access to the outside. The interior decoration of the church was enriched during the first half of the 19th century.