Parish Church of St. Nicholas of Bari

Address: Via Dietro Chiesa Nuova, 2

The present day church is the result of a reconstruction carried out in the first two decades of the 20th century following the collapse of the former church, caused by a fire in 1792.

The main facade of the church is angled and is made of red brick with white stone finishes. It is divided into three sections each one concluded by massive decorated stone pillars. The entrance has a small portico and above it a mullioned window with round arches. A high string course divides the central area into two levels and continues out to the sides where it crowns the sloping sections. The crowning of the upper central section is enriched by elegant beading in white stone carved with strong projecting and recessing elements that create both energy with their forms and vibrant chiaroscuro effects. The façade is flanked by a high bell tower whose structure dates back to the 18th century. Also covered in red brick during the early decades of the 20th century, it has a square form and a crown with arches at the top.
The interior has three naves with a high transept and a domed semicircular apse where the high altar, decorated with polychrome marbles, is located. The space is also accentuated by plastered pilasters and side chapels. In the southern transept there is a wooden altar from the now defunct 17th-century church of Santa Maria della Fonte. The altar is a masterpiece made by local craftsman Palmiero Grasso. Also worthy of note are both the polychrome wooden statue of the Madonna and Child and the stained-glass windows.